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Banneton Set

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Product Info

💛  BEST GIFT FOR BAKERS: Surprise your loved ones (or yourself) with this beautifully packaged bread proofing basket and elegantly embroidered linen bag set that is gift ready for Holidays, Birthdays and other special occasions

💛  THE PERFECT SET: All you really need is a set of 2 round 9” banneton bread proofing baskets with linen liners so you can bake two loaves at a time and share your delicious homemade bread with friends and family; plus 2 linen bags for bread or banneton storage

💛  PREMIUM QUALITY: We use only natural materials free from dye and chemicals to create the best product on the market; Our bannetons are carefully hand crafted from the highest quality Indonesian Rattan; Linen bags and liners are made with 100% unbleached linen; FDA and LFGB certified

💛  FREE GIFT: Enjoy a beautiful complimentary Linen Bag with Gift Tag that will make your home-baked gifts look extra special

💛  EASY TO USE AND STORE: Find everything you need to know about how to use your banneton and make it last for years in a detailed instructions manual

The set includes:


  • Use and Care Guide + Recipe

  • 2 Round Bannetons with 2 Linen Liners 

  • 3 Unbleached 100% Linen Bags


Why 3 bags, you ask? As bakers ourselves, we LOVE to give our homemade artisan bread to friends who absolutely love eating it! That’s why we added 1 complimentary embroidered linen bag with a gift tag so you can bake 2 loaves and give 1 to yours. 


To get a delicious loaf of bread every time, try our beginner-friendly Endless Loaf Sourdough recipe! It’s easy to make with the right tools and a little bit of patience. Using our bannetons, hand-crafted from the highest quality Indonesian Rattan will help the dough hold its shape and wick away moisture during the proofing process. We personally tested them to make sure they withstand everyday use. 


Our 9” bread proofing basket is perfect for a medium-size loaf up to 1.5 lb. The proofed dough will fit in a Cast Iron 3.2 quart Combo Cooker (10.25” diameter) or a dutch oven.




  • Banneton 9 in x 3 1/4 in 

  • Linen Bag 12 1/2 in x 14 1/2 in


We truly hope you enjoy using our Banneton Bread Proofing Basket Set and bake endless loaves for you and your loved ones!

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